Official Website of The Paul Ty're Brown Foundation For Urban Boys Of Austin

Official Website of The Paul Ty're Brown Foundation For Urban Boys Of Austin



ME & MY BEST FRIEND Devonte KA$H as Kids
ME & MY BEST FRIEND Devonte KA$H as Kids

"It Takes A VILLAGE to Raise A Child..."

After I, April R. Frank, his older cousin, like an aunt to him. Heard of his death. I was determined to make sure my little cousin's legacy didn't go in vain just by the way he ended living his life. Since, me knowing exactly how that feels to being labeled a "thug." Just by making mistakes and being black in America. Didn't asked to being born to black parents but, did. Now, as a black child. Have to reap it's "benefits." 

I was determined to STOP the toxic cycle after being striped of my knowledge as a teacher, and anything else I was successful at. Due to getting a criminal record. No matter how nice you are. No matter how proper speaking you are. You are forever labeled. 

Many may say my cousin deserve what he got coming to him by how he lived his life before his death. The thing is..if we as humans all died due to our mistakes in life, no matter what it was? Their would be none on earth! Today's world of society needs to get off of their 'high horses' and, realize no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and, have toxic family members in your family that we still love despite how they are. So, keep that in mind when you find yourself judging others.

I came up with the Paul Ty're Brown Foundation For Urban Boys of Austin. For young men and older men of poor neighborhoods. With low rate of fathers in the homes. It does not matter why the fathers are absent. We just need to step up as a community and stop allowing outside corps, police departments, and churches take over our problems with our children. Our sons especially! No matter the race! 

Older men could volunteer and feel like they still belong and matter..because they do. Retired coaches, fathers who lost a child, men who want to make a difference in a young man's life. 

The foundation will be a SAFE PLACE FOR ALL BOYS to come too. Be themselves. No judgement. With the approval of his mother, my first cousin, Ms. M. LaTrice Frank. The foundation will have a place for fun and games. Plus, another side of the building that will be sectioned off. Will be for our counseling, resources, and mental health groups. That will be held at the facility. 

On This website. You will find upcoming information on the foundation and it's affiliates. Also, on how to contact staff etc. For donations. Because, we are a non-profit any donation will be appreciated!

Donations can be sent to his foundation cash app account. Which is under the donation tab on the menu. Also, his social media and email is also posted. Just go to the menu tab and click which tab of information you would like. 

Thank you for reading and taking time out to donate to our foundation. All proceeds goes to his estate for his foundation, and his 4 year old son he left behind to continue this life legacy. With a BETTER outcome with this foundation. 

Our volunteers and staff does this out of LOVE for the VISION & MISSION of The Paul Ty're Brown Foundation for Boys of Austin. In the every county in Texas! With the help from the community and donations? It will be a REALITY.

CASH APP Information to DONATE❤
CASH APP Information to DONATE❤
His Cousin/Aunt: April MochababyLlc Frank